Attack on Syria explained.

Norman Solomon

Politicians, pundits and activists who’ve routinely denounced President Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin can now mull over a major indicator of their cumulative impacts. The U.S.-led missile attack on Syria before dawn Saturday is the latest benchmark for gauging the effects of continually baiting Trump as a puppet of Russia’s president.

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Heavyweights of U.S. media—whether outlets such as CNN and MSNBC or key newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post—spent most of the last week clamoring for Trump to order airstrikes on Syria. Powerful news organizations have led the way in goading Trump to prove that he’s not a Putin lackey after all.

One of the clearest ways that Trump can offer such proof is to recklessly show he’s willing to risk a catastrophic military confrontation with Russia.

In recent months, the profusion of “war hawks, spies and liars” on national television has been part of a media atmosphere that barely acknowledges what’s at stake with games of chicken between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. Meanwhile, the dominant U.S. news media imbue their reporting with a nationalistic sense of impunity.

On Saturday morning, the top headline on the New York Times website was “U.S. Attacks Syria in Retaliatory Strike,” while the subhead declared that “Western resolve” was at work. The story led off by reporting that Trump “sought to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people.”

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Try putting the shoe on the other foot for a moment. Imagine that Russia, with a similar rationale, fired missiles at U.S. ally Saudi Arabia because the Kremlin “sought to punish King Salman for his country’s war crimes in Yemen”—with such reportage appearing under a headline that described the Russian attack as a “retaliatory strike.”

The latest U.S. air attack on Russia’s close ally Syria was as much politically aimed at Moscow as at Damascus. And afterward, the televised adrenalin-pumped glee was as much an expression of pleasure about striking a blow at Putin as at Assad. After all, ever since Trump took office, the U.S. media and political elites have been exerting enormous pressures on him to polarize with Russia.

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But let’s be clear: The pressures have not only been generated by corporate media and the political establishment. Across the United States, a wide range of people including self-described liberals and progressives—as individuals and organizations—have enthusiastically participated in the baiting, cajoling and denouncing of Trump as a Putin tool. That participation has stoked bellicose rhetoric by congressional Democrats, fueling the overall pressure on Trump to escalate tensions with Russia.

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What’s really at issue here is not the merits of the Russian government in 2018, any more than the issue was the merits of the Soviet government in 1967—when President Lyndon Johnson hosted an extensive summit meeting in Glassboro, New Jersey, with Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin, reducing the chances of nuclear war in the process.

If you keep heading toward a destination, you’re likely to get there. In 2018, by any realistic measure, the escalating conflicts between the United States and Russia—now ominously reaching new heights in Syria—are moving us closer to World War III. It’s time to fully recognize the real dangers and turn around.


Russia is warning of “grave repercussions” as the U.S. weighs a response to a chemical gas attack in Douma — a rebel-held suburb of Damascus, Syria — that reportedly killed 60 and seriously injured at least 1,000 others; and is additionally requesting an inspection of the site of the attack to prove it either didn’t happen or was staged by Western-backed insurgents.

As President Donald Trump canceled a planned trip to South America this week (Vice President Mike Pence will make the trip instead) reportedly to deal with the growing crisis in the region — for which he said Russia is partially responsible due to their backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — Russia and Iran are supporting Assad as he warns of a response to an air strike on a Syrian military base the three nations blame on Israel.

Moscow’s and Damascus’ claims that a gas attack may never have happened were met with incredulity Monday at a UN Security Council meeting where both the French envoy to the UN and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley took exception to the suggestion.
The French UN envoy, Francois Delattre, said the symptoms of the victims suggested that they had been exposed to “a powerful neurotoxic agent, combined with chlorine to enhance its lethal effect”. Delattre added that only Syrian forces had the means and the motive to make such weapons and carry out such an attempt.

The US ambassador, Nikki Haley, lashed out at Moscow for its unstinting backing of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian leader. She referred to Moscow as the “Russian regime, whose hands are all covered in the blood of Syrian children”.

Moscow’s ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, countered the accusations and said that “Russia is being unpardonably threatened”. Nebenzia insisted that Russian investigators had determined that any evidence of a gas attack was merely a “false-flag” operation staged by rebels trained by US special forces.

“There was no chemical weapons attack,” Nebenzia told the council. “Through the relevant channels we already conveyed to the US that armed forces under mendacious pretext against Syria – where, at the request of the legitimate government of a country, Russian troops have been deployed – could lead to grave repercussions.”

Trump promised Monday that once it was determined who carried out the attack in Douma, the US was open to delivering a forceful response over the course of the following few days.

“We’ll be making that decision very quickly, probably by the end of today. But we cannot allow atrocities like that. Cannot allow it,” he told reporters Monday.

The gas attack in Douma gave Assad ultimate control over eastern Ghouta, which had been the biggest rebel-held area near Damascus

The Duran

Those who have been following events in long-suffering Syria are already aware of the false flags committed by terrorists. The West is threatening to attack Syria over a chemical attack allegedly committed in Douma, near Damascus.

The terrorists, otherwise called rebels, are the only faction that has anything to gain from Chemical weapons use in Syria. A US-Western intervention – the kind chemical weapons use could trigger – is the only thing that can save them from annihilation.
If Assad – who is concretely winning the war – is proven to have used Chemical weapons, he knows the consequences.

Assad (in red) has been winning in Syria against ISIS (black) since the Russian the 2015 Russian intervention. On the left, a map before Russia intervened, on the right, this month, Syria and Assad have taken back half the country.

If Assad uses chemical weapons, the NATO powers will have found a way to justify their aggression against Syria, and it will be hard for Russia to diplomatically resist against such evidence.

This is why a chemical attack would be horrible for Assad, but ideal for terrorists. The terrorists and their supporters are willing to do anything, including fake evidence or commit the actual attack, and blame the Syrian government.

There has been no evidence that Assad committed any chemical attacks…or that any actually took place in Douma…
But now…damning evidence has been revealed, which implicates the UK as having instigated the false flag in Douma, Syria.

During a briefing on Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense has brought forward proof that the entire chemical attack in Syria was a complete farce, staged, and false. According to RT, it levied accusations that London pressured the perpetrators of the false flag to “speed up” the provocation.

The Russian Defense Ministry interviewed two medical professionals in the only operating hospital in Douma, the site of the false flag near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Unlike the Western accounts, which rely on anonymous sources, the Russian Defense Ministry has interviewed actual Syrians medical professionals, who have gone on record.

Via RT:

In the interviews released to the media, the two men reported how footage was shot of people dousing each other with water and treating children, which was claimed to show the aftermath of the April 7 chemical weapons attack. The patients shown in the video suffered from smoke poisoning and the water was poured on them by their relatives after a false claim that chemical weapons were used, the ministry said.

“Please, notice. These people do not hide their names. These are not some faceless claims on the social media by anonymous activists. They took part in taking that footage,” said ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

The fact that the Syrian medical professionals came on public record in the Russian evidence is key. All too often, Western evidence levied against Russia, Syria, or whomever the West does not like, is based on “anonymous sources”.

The idea that anonymous testimony, of unknown people can be used as damning evidence is an insult to Common Law established since classical antiquity, which required witnesses to come forward to crimes. This is why “bearing false witness” was considered such a Sin in history, however in these cases, it’s hard to hold anyone accountable when all the sources are anonymous.

Worse, in this situation, a key aspect of the “evidence”, for this false flag, rests not only on “anonymous sources”, but on photos and video from the infamous White Helmets. While they claim to rescue people altruistically in Syria, it is well known to Syrians that they align themselves with terrorists. Even more disturbing, anti-Assad supporters have been captured on video in times past training children to fake chemical attacks.

As Russia accuses the UK of supporting those who staged the false flag, the White Helmets just so happened to be funded by…you guessed it…the UK.

RT reports:

“The Russian Defense Ministry also has evidence that Britain had a direct involvement in arranging this provocation in Eastern Ghouta,” the general added, referring to the neighborhood of which Douma is part. “We know for certain that between April 3 and April 6 the so-called White Helmets were seriously pressured from London to speed up the provocation that they were preparing.”

Eva Bartlett, an independent journalist has also done heroic work in exposing the lies about Syria, as we have discussed in this article here.

According to Konashenkov, the group, which was a primary source of photos and footage of the purported chemical attack, was informed of a large-scale artillery attack on Damascus planned by the Islamist group Army of Islam, which controlled Douma at the time. The White Helmets were ordered to arrange the provocation after retaliatory strikes by the Syrian government forces, which the shelling was certain to lead to, he said.

One of the interviews published by the ministry showed a man who said his name was Halil Ajij, and who said he was a medical student working at Douma’s only operational hospital. This is how he described the origin of the footage:

“On April 8, a bomb hit a building. The upper floors were damaged and a fire broke at the lower floors. Victims of that bombing were brought to us. People from the upper floors had smoke poisoning. We treated them, based on their suffocation.”

Ajij said that a man unknown to him came and said there was a chemical attack and panic ensued. “Relatives of the victims started dousing each other with water. Other people, who didn’t seem to have medical training, started administering anti-asthma medicine to children. We didn’t see any patient with symptoms of a chemical weapons poisoning,” he said.

The first photos claiming to show the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack on April 7 were published online on the same day, and featured the bodies of many people, including children, some with foam around their mouths and noses. Footage from the hospital was released on Sunday, with the sources behind it claiming that it had been shot on Saturday.

Konashenkov said Russia hoped that international monitors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is due to investigate the circumstances of the incident, will help establish the truth. He added Eastern Ghouta is currently trying to return to peaceful life after being liberated from militant groups by Syrian government forces. He called on other nations and international organizations to provide humanitarian aid, which is badly needed in the area. Russia is already supplying food, medicine, building materials and other essential supplies to the neighborhood, he said.

Residents of the neighborhood, who previously fled violence, are returning to their homes now that the area is relatively safe, the Russian official said. The latest reports from the ground say about 63,000 people have returned, which is over half of the displaced residents, he added.

The reported chemical weapons attack escalated tensions over Syria, just as Damascus was about to seize full control of Eastern Ghouta. The US and allies such as the UK and France threatened military action in response to what they claim is an atrocity committed by the Syrian government. Russia insists the incident was staged and said it reserves the right to counter any attack on Syria.

RT spoke about the Russian claims with Lord Alan West, a retired officer of the British Royal Navy. He said he had strong reservations about taking allegations against Damascus at face value, because it didn’t make much military sense.

“It seems to be utterly ludicrous for the military that is in the process of taking over an area to go and do something with chemical weapons, which will draw the wrath of the larger enemy down upon them,” he said. “If I was advising the opponents of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, I would be delighted to kill a few people there. Let’s face it, [the insurgents] don’t care if they kill women and children.”

“I am not willing to accept tweets. We need to see incontrovertible truth about what has happened there and make a decision on that basis,” he added.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned earlier on Friday that they would provide evidence a state actor was responsible for the staged chemical attack in Douma.

This was obvious to anyone paying attention, because as we discussed at the beginning of this article, Assad has everything to lose, and the terrorists have everything to gain from chemical weapons use – even if he were to use it on them.

The only evidence the West is putting forward – heart-wrenching video and photos of what appears to be a chemical attack, literally comes from a group who has been proven to stage chemical attacks.

How much more obvious can it be:

The only group who benefits from chemical weapons use, and “retaliatory” strikes by the West against Assad’s Syrian Government are the terrorists – not the Syrian people.

One can only hope the Western public realizes this…Syria is already burning, but Phoenixes have been known to arise from the ashes of many a tempest.

Ron Paul: Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag

Ron Paul has accused the British and US governments of staging a false flag chemical attack in Syria in an attempt to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

In an interview with defense policy advisor Daniel McAdams, the former Congressman says the alleged chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians, was a blatant false flag by rogue elements within the US government, designed to destabilise the Middle East and thwart ongoing peace talks in Syria.

According to Senator Paul, the attack was orchestrated by sinister forces within big oil, the military industrial complex, and the Deep State. “Big oil and military industrial groups have an interest to continue the war in Syria. [The attack] was probably inspired by sinister forces within the U.S. It looks like it wasn’t an accidental event. It makes no sense that Assad is ready to commit political suicide,” he told McAdams.

Partial transcript of Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams interview

Ron: Before the possible gas exposure in Syria yesterday, things were going reasonably well. With Trump saying Syrians should decide who ran their own country. Peace talks were breaking out. Al-Qaeda and ISIS were on the run.

They claim Assad released gas and killed a bunch of people. Ever since 2013, the neocons have been yelling and screaming about Assad using gas against his people.

Daniel: The UN said the 2013 attack was done by the rebels. Now you have the US ambassador to the UN claiming “we know Assad has used chemical weapons before.” Its not true.

Ron: Who would benefit? It makes no sense for Assad to use gas against his own people. I think there is zero chance he did this. McCain says he blames Trump for this. Says Trump hasn’t been “aggressive enough”.

Daniel: The fact is we’re on the eve of peace talks. Assad has the upper hand in these talks. He’s almost wiped ISIS out of the country. So he’s on the verge of this victory he decided to kill people with gas? He would have to be the most insane leader in the history of the world.

Ron: Big oil and military industrial groups have an interest to continue the war. I think its these same groups who were trying to install regime change in the Middle East with Bush. They have to get public support for the war, so behind the scenes the Deep State and Neocons, they do this. I think thats whats going on. So how is Trump going to handle this? He seems conflicted.

Daniel: The reaction is epitomised by Boris Johnson. He claims that all evidence points to Assad, yet also says “lets call for a thorough investigation”. How can you say all evidence points to Assad and then call for an investigation? The stories about the attack came from two sources. One is an NGO in the UK that’s not even in Syria, and the other is a US funded group called The White Helmets. A very controversial group because they work very closely with the Al-Nusra front. Both of these groups are paid for by the US and UK governments.

I’ve seen the pictures the White Helmets posted online – handling people apparently attacked with Sarin gas – but not wearing any protection.

Ron:McCain made fun of the notion of letting the Syrians decide what do to about their own future.

Daniel: What a hypocrite he is. The same guy screaming ‘the Russians interfered in our elections’ says no one is allowed to decide their own fate… We’re being told lies just like we were in Iraq and Libya.

Ron: If you are looking for a reasonable explanation, it was probably inspired by sinister forces within the U.S. We are always involved. It looks like it wasn’t an accidental event. It makes no sense that Assad is ready to commit political suicide.