Patrick Lang.

Donald Trump  is frustrated in his inability to move legislation.  He said in a recent interview that the form and function of the US Constitution are “archaic” and should be restructured so that it would be “modern.”  He also says that he would like to change the libel laws, evidently for the purpose of controlling dissent.  So far as I know there are no federal libel laws.  They are all state laws.  The federal constitution protects freedom of speech but the law, so far as I know, does not offer the opportunity to sue for defamation in the federal Article Three courts.  Does DT not understand that he does not control the state courts or legislatures?  He is frustrated with his inability to move legislation in the US Congress?  By analogy, if he were still in business, the response by a CEO type to a business plan for the company that obstructed his planning would be to seek to change the business plan at a stockholders meeting.  Well, pilgrims, the US Constitution is not a business plan and the US Congress is not a stockholders’ meeting.   The US Constitution contains provisions for its own modification through amendment or a constitutional convention.  Neither of these processes is anything like a stockholders’ meeting.  In fact the constitution was designed to make its modification difficult, and not easy at all.  An amendment required 2/3 approval in BOTH houses and 2/3 ratification by the state governments.  This was necessary in framing because a number of the original states would not have ratified the document without that approach.  Yes, that means that the Union is an agreement among the states.

The extent to which DT understands the US government system is, IMO, doubtful.  He appears to this lay observer of humans to have a number of learning disabilities; a form of Asperger’s syndrome perhaps, ADHD, and dyslexia are among the possibilities.  The comedian Hassan Minhaj told the press at the White House Correspondents; Dinner on Saturday that their responsibility is greater now than it has been in previous administrations because this president does not read briefing papers, cannot endure protracted oral briefings and has little knowledge of world affairs in his mental “library.”  It seems to be the case that he gets his information from 24/7  TV news .   That is really unfortunate since most 24/7 news is merely a mouthpiece for someone’s information operations whether left or right.

At the same time he has watched a lot of movies  What a combination of influences!  pl

Colonel W. Patrick Lang is a retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets). He served in the Department of Defense both as a serving officer and then as a member of the Defense Senior Executive Service for many years. He is a highly decorated veteran of several of America’s overseas conflicts including the war in Vietnam. He was trained and educated as a specialist in the Middle East by the U.S. Army and served in that region for many years. He was the first Professor of the Arabic Language at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. In the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) he was the “Defense Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism,” and later the first Director of the Defense Humint Service.” For his service in DIA, he was awarded the “Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive.” This is the equivalent of a British knighthood. He is an analyst consultant for many television and radio broadcasts.